söndag 6 april 2014

Denim and mirrors

Location / Occasion
Vintage fair in Stockholm again! Me and two friends went together this time. I found a lot of cute stuff of course but I'm trying to save more than usual, so the only thing I actually bought was together with my friend, we paid half the price, 100 sek each! It's a dreamy green flowy thing that we both loved (we don't have the same style at all I would say, so it's very interesting when we find things that we both want!).

D-d-d-d-d-double denimmm, never thought I'd wear that! HAH! But here I am, in dad's old denim shirt and my favourite jeans! The shoes are actually from the prom in 9th grade, which I've kept even though I think they're quite ugly (?) and uncomfortable :P But they are nice with an outfit like this :D

denim shirt - dad's old
jeans - H&M
black heels - Wedins
orange heart mirror sunglasses - ebay
hat - gift from a friend 
water slide decals for nails - ebay

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