tisdag 20 maj 2014

And you can't reach me

The sweater is my boyfriend's, and it's merch from Lorentz & Sakarias. It says "Jag har min favorittröja på mig" which means "I have my favourite sweater on" and that is from their song "Molnen", listen to it on spotify or youtube! The video is also very misty like these pics :P

These pants. I wear these EVERY DAY because I'm so lazy with clothes now when I'm writing my thesis. They are super comfortable and soft, and go with just about anything else that is lazy. They are originally from VILA but I got them at a second hand market.

Åh nu kan inge hindra mig, även om jag vet att du försökt ringa mig
Men jag är här bland molnen, så ni kan inte nå mig

Oh nothing can stop me now, even if I know you've tried to call me
But I'm here among the clouds, so you can't reach me

Black sweater - My bf got it from Lorentz & Sakarias
Acid wash pants/leggings - second hand (originally VILA)
Black Neo Platform boots - UNIF
Hat - Second hand
Sunglasses - Jet Rag, Hollywood

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