tisdag 2 september 2014

Vacation in Dalarna

Road trip to Dalarna!
(I do NOT drink monster, mind you)

I found a huge mushroom when we got out of the car to get in to the boat

This lil boat took us and our stuff over the lake
 (Me in my latest love - the HUGE cat sweater)

So we turned off our phones, and we took off out watches because there was no electricity, and really, who needs em.

We took a little trip to a mire (I think that's what it's called? Myr in Swedish anyway) which was very pretty! (But this is not a picture of the mire as you can see, this is a clearcut(?))

We got a little lost, but I directed us in the right way, which is VERY rare, I'm always getting lost

Wearing clothes by the lake for once

Our little "living room" where we hung out

quiet quiet quiet <3 p="">

Walking and picking berries!

My feet were very happy every evening <3 br="">

Food time!

Steamy lady in the sauna

It's been great and very relaxing <3 font="">

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