måndag 1 september 2014

You're breathing in fumes

RED SWEATER & BELT - Second hand

Oooohhhh we've been on a little vacation to Dalarna, and we've been living in my friends parents little cottages, without electricity or water in the tap and luxuries like that. We've been sitting by the fire, sitting in the sauna, drinking wine by the lake, swimming naked, walking in the woods, getting lost, sleeping forever and other things that make life worth. I'll make a post about it soon!

The sweater is perfect. It's hand knitted and wool. When I worked in it the other day, a lady said "Is it hand made?" and I answered yes and she said "I thought so! Doesn't look like those flabby ("sladdriga") things you get at H&M!".
The skirt is from StyleMoi, and I find it very versatile, I mean, it's a light denim circle skirt, can't really go wrong can it. I don't know if I like this styling, but it was what I wore. I guess I'll wear it with other things soon and I'll show you guys! :)

And by the way, I reached a little visitor-record with my blog in August, and I'm super happy! Thank you all for reading! <3 comment-3--="">

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