onsdag 19 november 2014

November SEQUIN wishlist

GLITTER GLITTER SPARKLE SPARKLE!! I think it has got something to do with the darkness here in Sweden, or that new years and Christmas are getting closer, or maybe it's just that sequins and glitter in general is plain awesome and fantastic and makes you happy(?)
That River Island dress in the middle is so so so perfect :'(
You should really check out the patches from King Sophie's World, because, well, because LOOK at them patches! I wish I could stick them all to all my coats and faux furs and bags! Such perfection.

I want to do more wishlists, I really enjoy it, but I also want to make them more personal. I need a personal toch that I really can't figure out what it should be... So today there is -nothing- personal about that picture up there... I hope I'll get some smart idea soon, so I can make more wishlists and feel good about them ^^

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