måndag 1 december 2014

In my blood like holy wine

KIMONO* - StyleMoi
DRESS - Second hand
MAXI SKIRT - Second hand
HAT - Second hand
SUN NECKLACE - Market in Nepal

Today we went to a super nice vintage market called Winter Vintage, and I found a super cute 60's t-shirt in bold colours and I ate a lot! Waffle on a stick and goulash and hot chocolate with marshmallows YUMMM

I really like this kimono from StyleMoi, especially the details where the fringes are, that little zig-zag-thig going on. It feels very luxurious! The colours and the pattern are really not what I usually wear, but I feel very comfortable in it!

I prefer styling the kimono with shorts and some sort of bustier, so I thought I'd go for something else here. Plus, it's starting to get pretty cold here now (not really minus degrees during the day, but still frosty..) so a maxi dress feels more appropriate than shorts :P Hope you like it!

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