lördag 6 december 2014

And you stashed my heart somewhere in the dark

RED FLANNEL SHIRT - Gina tricot / Second hand
FLORAL SHORTS - Not Guilty / Second hand
KNITTED CARDIGAN - Dad's old, mom made it ^^
HAT - Second hand
BOOTS - Dr Martens via DollsKill

I'm loving this top! Can't wait until January (when there isn't as much work) so I can go out clubbing and wear this, because it's quite thick and tight so it's almost like a sports bra in a way, which is good for me since I never wear a bra :P and extra great for dancing and sweating yeaaahh. And I like the print, it's on the same level as my "life is boring" t-shirt (here and here).

And OMG Not Guilty has made some awesome floral shorts haven't they. I'm so happy I stumbled across these (even if they are a bit big), I really love the print and colours. I usually have a problem with mixing patterns, but I never seem to have one with these shorts(?) (Other not guilty shorts here, here, here, here and here hehehehe)

This lipstick though. Heroine from MAC, right now, for me, this is perfect. It's the exact right level of fun/different and also totally wearable without being too much. LUV IT.

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