söndag 14 december 2014

Taste all my senses

BOOTS - Dr Martens via DollsKill

I'm so happy with these pictures! We haven't had much sun lately, and I haven't had much time off either, because if you're in retail you don't have a life in December, and that's that. But, I got a Sunday off and this particular Sunday the sun decided to shine, so we had to get out to take some photos of course because what else would you do? A day full of fresh winter air, tea in a thermos, cookies and a friend.

I got this white dress from StyleMoi, and it feels like I'll be able to wear it a lot of ways! You can't really see it here, but the skirt part is so lovely draped ^^ The waist is a bit high on me (but I'm tall), so I wish it was a bit lower. Other than that, it feels like I can use this a lot.

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