lördag 31 januari 2015

It's like a giant in my heart + Solnaloppis

BOOTS - Dr Martens via Dolls Kill

When I found the sweater at a second hand market I thought that it looked "grown up goth", which speaks to me. And today when I saw myself in some mirror I felt like a "cosy goth", which is even better. It's handmade and I love how a lot of different people like it - people my age, my grandmother, my dad and so on :D

So today we went to SOLNAHALLEN MEGALOPPIS wuuuu! Our favourite loppis (second hand market), and I found some more expensive things than I usually do, but things I really really like (photo further down).

  • Adidas set - 100 SEK
  • Green Acne shirt - 100 SEK (the tag said 1800 O_O)
  • Burgundy cap - 20 SEK
  • Black playsuit (handmade funny thing :) - 20 SEK

I also found a yellow plastic pitcher (Hammarplast, design P. Dreyer), a fruit bowl, some cute little saucers with hearts that are made in Czechoslovakia, because I love things that are made in countries that doesn't exist any more ^^

2 kommentarer:

  1. I really love that jumper, definitely cosy/grown up goth. And that market looked so awesome <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. That lilac addidas set!!!! I'm dying