tisdag 27 januari 2015

You might not have what I must find

LACE DRESS - Second hand
BOOTS - UNIF/Second hand

Have I been slacking or what? No, I've just been busy. Ok ok ok I've been slacking too. But now I'm back! ...but I'll be gone for the two next weeks (gotta get my drivers license, only like a hundred years late -_-)

Anyway :) I got this nice lil cape thingy from YOINS and I thought it would be lighter, but I'm really happy that it isn't, it has some weight, so it falls nicely, yay!

The lace dress is hopeless though. It's super tight and super short with a layer of lace on top. But I can't really walk around in it without my butt showing (which is awesome but I'd rather not). But I really like the lace and I guess I could use it as a top :)

Photos by Sara Herrlander and Michaela Lindén

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