lördag 11 april 2015

If you just shut that pretty mouth

MESH TOP - Monki
YELLOW BOOTS - Dr Martens via second hand

I've worn this top so much to parties, and it's starting to look not-awesome any more, so I've bought the exact same second hand, brand new haha. And I've been looking for yellow DMs for so long, and suddenly they just showed up on tradera (swedish ebay) really cheap, so... yay!

Yesterday me and my friend visited Independent Kostym, which is a sort of clothes archive for different kind of productions for TV and film. They have SO MUCH AWESOME things. I've been around in those archives, just looking, and it's really a dream. And everything is super organized and I feel like it's my future wardrobe. It's really really a dream.
ANYWAY they have had like a remnant sale for a while, cleaning out what they don't use and some things that might be a bit broken. Earlier the clothes were 20 sek each (approx two dollars) and you could fill a bag for 100 sek. But this time, when we got there, they told us what was left was FREE :D so we filled a bag and were super happy!! (you'll get a lil haul post later)

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