lördag 5 december 2015

New theories

NECKLACE - Cheap Monday
BLACK SHIRT - Second hand
BOOTS - Second hand

I was very happy to receive these overall pants, because they were a thicker material and more "luxurious" than I thought they would be. I got them in size L since I'm quite tall and these models (jumpsuits etc) tend to be too small between the crotch and shoulders. There is some camel-toe-warning haha but I don't really care. If I was one cm shorter they would have been even better, but I'll keep my length thank you. And I guess I thought they would be a bit more loose, but it's totally fine :)
I really like the model! They feel a bit more office-y than what I usually wear, (I need more stuff like that) but it's still quite fun, right? And it's easy to vary with different tops under. I would love to have something over-size underneath too! How would you style it?

3 kommentarer:

  1. I'd wear it with a yellow long sleeve shirt underneath for a preppy look. I love these


    1. Yeah, yellow is great with gray! I'll definitely try that ^^

  2. your are so gorgeous!!!! http://me-poppy.blogspot.com/