fredag 29 januari 2016

Best intentions

DENIM JACKET* - Wholesale7
LIPSTICK* - Dresslink
FLORAL DRESS - Forever21
BOOTS - Dr. Martens
BIG SMILEY PIN - Second hand
SMALL SMILEY PIN - Bruised Tongue

I'm still having a hard time in my private life, but I know I've made the right decisions and in the end things will be all right :)

Sooooo what am I wearing? I have a denim jacket already, but it's really over size and a bit darker. I've been looking for a shorter and model and lighter colour, and since I've come over my fear of distressed denim (last summer.. :P) in general, I felt this would fill this hole in my wardrobe. It's obviously too cold to wear as a jacket right now though, but today I wore it with a leather jacket over. I think I'll distress it even more, which I think will be easy since the fabric is quite thin. Funny thing with this jacket though: the buttons are very noisy :P And the button holes are not actual holes :P I'm going to cut mine up so I can button it, and I doubt it will be any trouble.

I don't know if you can see the pin from Bruised Tongue, with the venn diagram happy/sad smiley, but it's there and I totally love it. It gives me life. The design is so genius and I want to wear it all the time but also have it on display in my home! yummm

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