fredag 22 januari 2016


RIPPED JEANS* - Yoyomelody
TARTAN SHIRT - Second hand
BOOTS - Dr Martens

I'm having some trouble in my private life right now, having a hard time, so I hope you understand that my posts and looks might not be the most inspiring. Sorry for this.

These jeans from Yoyomelody are in size L, and I really thought they would be loose, but on me they are more of a mom-jeans fit, which is totally fine too! Or what do you think? They are of course short, but I'm getting used to that, and I don't know, I kind of like it! I got an e-mail from Yoyomelody before receiving the jeans, and they told me that there was a slight difference in colour, which I was ok with. I think it was nice of them to give me a heads up. I thought they would be a lot lighter, but they are really just a bit. So it's totally fine, I like the colour.

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