onsdag 6 januari 2016

Born to endure this kind of weather

WHITE KNITTED JUMPER - Second hand market in Chișinău, Moldova
RIPPED JEANS* - Dresslink

Long time no blog! I've been working like crazy, and celebrating the holidays, but now it feel like things are going back to normal. And finally there is snow! I LOVE the cold. I really do. I get so happy when I see that it's -15°C (5°F) outside, and I love the smell of snow. I get so calm when I know there is snow outside, and everything gets so quiet and still. YUMM.

SO, what's better than going out in said weather and taking some cute photos? I got this sweater at a market in Moldova when I visited my mother who was working there at the time. It's very _acrylic_, like very light and not warm at all really haha but I like the design, very old-lady-cute-esque.

I love how these photos turned out, so ~Scandinavian~ haha. I really tried to hold back on the make-up so it would look more natural. I love fake lashes and bold lips and all, so it's hard to tone it down :P But at least it's a bit more natural than usual

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