söndag 1 november 2015


SHOES - Sonia Rykiel for H&M

Mommas got a new dress! For me, finding good quality clothes cheap is a sport. We go to flea markets and second hand stores to dig through bags and boxes of other peoples "trash" to find treasures. I've made some great deals through the years and every time someone compliments me on my clothes, I just HAVE to tell them how much I got it for. I can't help it. "What a pretty dress" "Thanks, it was 5kr (5 cent)" EVERY. TIME. Because it's my favourite sport! So when I go on Tradera (Swedish Ebay sort of) I feel like I'm cheating. Because then there is no travelling to the other side of the city to dig through bags of trash. But sometimes I can't help it, and lately I've been searching for cheap wool clothes (because Swedish winter is coming and wool is such a fantastic material) and pretty 70s patterns. I found this green wool dress for about $12 which usually is a bit much for me, but totally ok really, and the colour is so amazing. The same seller was selling a pink one (also in wool) but the price went up a bit, and I'm not really into pink anymore so the green one it was :D

Do I have any readers that have the same favourite sport as me? What is it like where you live? Is it easy to find good second hand clothes?

Sorry for not being consequent  with the colours of the leaves, I think it's so much fun to play around with the colours when it's so easy. I can't help it.

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  1. Love love the location for this, so autumnal. and the colour on that dress is stunning <3

    The Quirky Queer

    1. Thank you! It's close to a little castle, and the park around it is really nice, because they don't sweep away the leaves, which keeps it really beautiful :D I'm glad you like it!

  2. I love rummaging around in charity shops and swap events for free or cheap items, I'm such a scavenger. I love the idea of getting good stuff for less. It's easy to get in London


    1. That is so great ^^ I wish I could go to other countries/cities to hunt more often. I should really try London then! :D

  3. My dear..... you are always so very lovely. Your smile, your beauty, your style...... I always love everything you wear. The white tights are such a wonderful touch to that beautiful dress......and the heels are to die for...... if only I could become brave enough to wear a dress.....
    Jayme, your ballet and fashion loving GUY fan from the USA.