tisdag 19 april 2016

From the long way that I've come

FLORAL DRESS* - Wholesale7
PLATFORM SHOES - Jeffrey Campbell Muster via Second hand
LEATHER JACKET - Second hand

Who doesn't love to mix romantic with tough eh? I like the sweet with some bitter, like good chocolate. So I think a floral chiffon dress looks best with a studded belt and a leather jacket! And I got to style my new (old) Jeffrey Campbells. They are crazy. I love them. I'm almost 2 meters in them yay!

I'm very fond of this new dress, because it's has no zippers/buttons, my favourite kind of dress! I want to be able to move around and be comfortable, and the lack of zippers and such make it so. It's fully lined too, which is great, so it's silky smooth on the inside :)

måndag 11 april 2016

If you never play the game

PURPLE TARTAN SKIRT - Beyond Retro Sweden
VELVET PLATFORMS - Dr Martens via second hand

This little powder pink t-shirt top was a last-minute thing, like I'll through that one in too, and I'm so glad I did! It's very flattering on me I think, both colour and fit, and it's very comfortable. I can see myself wearing this with a lot of high waist things.

And how happy was I when I found these unused Dr Martens Agyness Deyn at a vintage market for 200SEK ($24)? They are so comfortable and heavy, just how I like 'em. I got another pair of shoes from the same girl, a pair of Jeffrey Campbell Munster, also for 200SEK, which normally is too much for this thrifting babe, but I couldn't resist. 

torsdag 7 april 2016


GRAY SWEATSHIRT - Mishka via Monkey Bizz
GREEN BEANIE - Thinsulate via Second hand

Even though it looks gray, this was a fantastic day! Me and my babes went to our favourite lake and had a pick-nick, and later the sun came out and it was actually really warm! Good times good times.

I'm careful with ordering shoes form wholesale sites and e-bay, specially platform ones, because they tend to be very light (hard to walk in for me) and quite uncomfortable, so I was a bit worried that these would be like my previous experiences. But no! These are actually comfy! The have sort of a "pillow" for the foot, and the sole is (still light, but) sturdier than I expected. I'm very happy with these shoes and I think they'll go with just about anything in my wardrobe right now ^^ Very happy with them!

These jeans were (suuuurprise) a bit short. Maybe not in length, because I feel that they are supposed to be like that, but the rips should probably be on the knees, but they are above my knees. But that is easily fixed, I'll just make some more rips :D

tisdag 29 mars 2016

Treading the abyss

KIMONO* - StyleMoi
RIPPED JEANS* - Yoyomelody
BOOTS - Dr Martens

Sorry not sorry for the underboob. I actually didn't notice, and my lovely constant photographer and best friend didn't notice either :D Oh well! The crochet crop top is super cute and easy to wear. When the weather allows it, I'll probably layer it under dungarees or some simple loose dress, maybe under a loose sweater and have it peek out at the top? This time I fell for the kimono-look though, and kept it a bit weather appropriate with jeans and boots. Hope you like it :)))

fredag 25 mars 2016

Hold me down, but don't take my fire

BOOTS - Second hand

Lately I've been falling for these folklore-ish clothes, and recently I bought a 70's maxi dress also with embroidery, and it feels like something new and exciting in my wardrobe! I fell for this black maxi dress because it looked comfortable yet dramatic (I'm all for drama!), so how could it be wrong? ^^ Sadly, and not really a surprise, it's a bit short on me. I would have wanted it to be as long as in the picture, but of course I checked the measurements, so I knew it would be a little short. I might add some fabric somehow to make it longer, maybe fringes? Apart from that, I adore it. I can think of so many occasions to wear it! It's also on sale right now at Sammydress.

I don't want to get too personal on this blog, but right now I'm in a bit of a mess. Some things are great (I applied for a job and this far things are looking bright!!), but my "lovelife" is a total mess and I just want to be alone for a thousand years and never be able to hurt anyone ever again. But I want to keep blogging anyway, so I'm trying to keep up with it. Hope you all are well!

fredag 18 mars 2016

Strappy lace up wants

(from the bottom and clockwise)
1. Jeffrey Campbell Be My Leather via Nastygal

Some (read: a lot of) Swedes complain about the Swedish weather, but I really enjoy the change in seasons and how seasons and different weather can be inspiring and challenging. Another thing that I really enjoy in changing seasons is that I'm always looking forward to the next one, because I'm planning what to wear. Maybe it's odd to long for autumn in the summer (especially when Swedish summers often are quite cold), but that's what I do. SO: Now I'm longing for spring and some days it really is in the air, so we're getting there. And longing for spring in this case means longing for smaller shoes, and I've noticed all these strappy lace up heels popping up everywhere, and generally I'm more into heavy shoes, but there is something about these light feminine and a bit bondage-y shoes that really speaks to me! I've picked out my favourites, and of course the ones with heavy platforms speak to me the most :) Are you drooling over any?

måndag 7 mars 2016

Harlequin winters

BLACK CIRCLE SKIRT - American Apparel via Second hand (don't shop there...)
BOOTS - Dr. Martens via Dollskill

Gotta love the combo red and pink! And this lil blouse has two shades of pink plus red, actual nom nom right there.
This day we went to a vintage fair in Uppsala, Uppsala Vintagefestival, and we had to travel for such a long time to get there... But! We were interviewed (clip here haha) and I found my DREAM dress and a coat, and had a great time, so it was ok ^^

 THE DRESS OMG it fits like it was made for me :')

 They had this "afternoon tea"-thingy that me and Leone shared ^^