torsdag 7 april 2016


GRAY SWEATSHIRT - Mishka via Monkey Bizz
GREEN BEANIE - Thinsulate via Second hand

Even though it looks gray, this was a fantastic day! Me and my babes went to our favourite lake and had a pick-nick, and later the sun came out and it was actually really warm! Good times good times.

I'm careful with ordering shoes form wholesale sites and e-bay, specially platform ones, because they tend to be very light (hard to walk in for me) and quite uncomfortable, so I was a bit worried that these would be like my previous experiences. But no! These are actually comfy! The have sort of a "pillow" for the foot, and the sole is (still light, but) sturdier than I expected. I'm very happy with these shoes and I think they'll go with just about anything in my wardrobe right now ^^ Very happy with them!

These jeans were (suuuurprise) a bit short. Maybe not in length, because I feel that they are supposed to be like that, but the rips should probably be on the knees, but they are above my knees. But that is easily fixed, I'll just make some more rips :D

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